Stock Split History

Stock Split History

Stock Split History

5/14/99 1-for-10 reverse split

This essentially cashed out accounts held in book entry and certificate form unless the shareholder purchased additional shares to have the account hold 10 or more whole shares. 

5/14/99 10-for-1 forward split

This split immediately followed the above reverse split, restoring accounts with 10 or more whole shares to their original position. 

1/21/05 2-for-1 forward split

9/30/07 NCR spun off Teradata Corporation (TDC) in a 1-for-1 transaction. 

NCR shareholders of record as of 9/14/07 received an equal number of shares of TDC on 9/30/07. You must have maintained your NCR shares on 9/30/07 in order to receive shares of TDC. 

Teradata cost basis was 52.37% of cost of NCR— see guideline.